Simons Story

Simon was born as a brown wolf in russia, he lived a happy life with some other wolves in a herd.

His father was the leader of the herd, so he got everything he wanted.

Someday some humans went into the forest where he lived and killed everyone, besides Simon.

Simon got brought into a lab on a island miles away from another land.

He used to be a project called "Simon", a fighting machine that is able to destroy everything.

This project got a tatoo so everyone could see he is dangerous.

After 17 Years in a Container filled with fluids he woke up from his "sleep".

He changed, chemicals changed his normal fur colour, he got skills everybody could dream of, he had weapons inside of him and he was changed into 30% Cyborg and 40% human, only 30% pure wolf are still inside of him.

He doesn't have any organs anymore besides his brain, in his brain is a big chip that tells him what he has to feel, he can't decide on his own, he has a programm inside of him that decides for the best way that's good for him.

If he gets into a fighting mood he changes to a beast that runs on four legs, his back turns really hunchbacked, he gets really sharp claws and teeth.

He gets three times bigger in this form than he normally is.

His body shape can change in whatever he wants to cause his insides are metalic only.

In the inside of his foot he can use a claw filled with poison to kill people.

If the case exists to die, he has a bomb inside of him that kills everything in a big radius, its not tested how big the radius is.

The time Simon woke up he killed everyone in the lab, it's not sure where he went since that day, but he is able to speak so it's thinkable that he went somewhere to life for, even though he looks like a wolf, he can change his lookings into human.

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